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Hi, I’m Novi, I live in the most wonderful country in the world – Indonesia. I’m in love with love (and my husband and daughter of course) and my greatest pleasure is sharing this with other people – making other people happy makes me happy! Bali the Island of the Gods, with its spectacular landscape of soaring hills, rugged coastline, picturesque mountains and sandy beaches and above all beautiful people, always smiling, always there to help whenever you need it! So many reasons to choose Bali. I adore flowers and love composing the most magnificent bouquets and arrangements to make everything look just great. And it was this that started my passion for weddings. Weddings have to look spectacular and each one must be unique and that’s the part I enjoy most. Australians, Russians, Germans, Czechs and lots more have all trusted us to make their special day unforgettable and we have done just that! The first wedding I organised was my own and I am still happily married so it must have been a success. And now I want to share my own wonderful experience with you. Whether you are getting married, celebrating a special anniversary or renewing your vows we can make your first step on your new life path a very special one. Bali is my home and I love it. You can enjoy it too! We will do everything we can to make your every wedding dream come true. We are there for you! So, to learn exactly what we can do for you just contact us knowing you can trust us. I look forward to meeting you on your very own special day.

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