Beach wedding

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The story of Bali with its various natural beauties is endless. Every corner of Bali is able to provide irreplaceable beauty. Bali also presents natural scenery that will confirm every memory you make. Many places in Bali have traditional nuances with exotic architectural designs, to be able to add an unforgettable impression . Moreove, there are many beaches in Bali that are not widely known by tourists. However , the beach must have its own beauty. Like when our feet climb the white sand that stretches wide on the shoreline , and witnessing a very extraordinarysight. Clear blue sea water and coral rocks make the view more romantic .

Gunung payung/Timbis beach is one of the beaches in Bali that has all the beauty.As one of the beaches in Bali,the beauty of this beach is no less compared to the beaches that have been widely known by tourist. The beach which is located in kutuh village, South Kuta Subdistrict,Badung Regency has clean white sand with quite large granules,limestone cliffs with blue sea views adding to the beauty of this beach,you know.With the beauty of Bali,especially in Gunungpayung beach,many couples have chosen Bali,especially Gunungpayung beach as the location of the wedding.

As we know, everyone wants a beautiful and unforgettable marriage,therefore planning a wedding is something that needs to be done .But no need to worry,because today many wedding organizers or Wedding planner can help to realize your dream wedding. Wedding planner is the one who will help you in offering in detail,both economical wedding packages,wedding venue,wedding cake, wedding decoration,catering,souvenirs,makeup,photos and videos,religious marriages,civil records,engagement events,etc.

For that reason,marryatbali is present in Bali.With a variety of packages offered,lets plan your dream wedding at Gunungpayung beach,Bali with marryatbali !

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